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Network Infrastructure

Xstream Gaming

  • Several Multiple Gigabit Tier 1 Links and LINX presence
  • Superb Connectivity throughout Europe and beyond
  • Stable low latency (ping) Connections to our Lag free Servers
  • Decentralized Systems provide increased Resiliance and Reliability

Our UK based Game Servers are hosted at the BlueSquare Datacentre in Maidenhead. This leading location provides our machines with direct access to a multiple 10Gb link BGP routed network. Which has several Tier 1 peering arrangements as well as LINX(London InterNet eXchange) presence . In addition to our other measures the network provides our servers with Stable, Low Latency connections for an Xstream Gaming experience.  Our decentralized back end (Web Server and Game Server Monitoring and Control daemons) provides our systems with an extra resilliance in case of unusally high Net traffic or attack, keeping you Gaming when some other providers would fail.


Key Data Centre Facts:


  • Over 50,000 sq ft of space (Pulsant 1, 2, 3 & MK)
  • 8 megawatt of power from multiple on-site substations
  • Diverse power feeds to substations
  • Multiple redundant N+N generators connected via C&N
  • ATS systems
  • Diverse fibre ducts into the datacentres
  • N+1 PowerWave UPS system
  • N+1 Airedale Air Handling system
  • 22°C +/- 2°C data floor temperature
  • 24x7 secure entry via swipe card system, with 6-layer entry
  • Datacentre located inside its own secure compound, with 3-metre fencing and electric entry, including anti-tailgate systems
  • Engineers available 24x7 for remote hands service
  • Engineer build rooms

Tier 1 Multiple Gigabit Connectivity Superior Network Infrastructure
All our services are hosted on machines with an uncapped 100Mbps link on to a multiple 10Gig network.
Intel Xeon Powered High Specification Hardware High Performance Hardware
All our services are hosted on enterprise level hardware for ultimate performance, stability and uptime.
Great Customer Service Deidcated and Experienced Customer Support
We aim to answer tickets within 2 hrs and fix all issues within 24hrs during support hours.