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Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft Server


"One Click" Mod and CraftBukkit Plugin Installation
Full access to game/configuration files - Custom .Jars
SSD Disk Space as standard
McMyAdmin Enterprise and TCAdmin Control Panels
Unlimited Plugins and World Size - No Slot limit
FREE 10 Slot Mumble or 25% of Mumble/TS3 server
FREE MySql Database

XstreamGaming Subdomain
Plugins and World Storage Space
Backups Storage
Setup Time
DynMap CraftBukkit Plugin
Upgrade - Downgrade RAM limit
Experienced Support Technicians

Unlimited - Fair use policy
Unlimited - Fair use policy
Under 20 mins
Included - Ready to Enable
At any time

Panel Screenshots - Control Panel, McMyAdmin and DynMap

20% off for the life of the server in our Summer Promotion!

Use code: MCSEED when ordering

  • "One Click" Mod Installation - CraftBukkit, Spigot, Tekkit, Tekkit Lite, ForgeMod , PixelMon and FTB Beta A.
  • 5000+ CraftBukkit Plugins -  Download and install CB plugins with ease using the included McMyAdmin panel.
  • Upload Modified .Jars - Upload other mods via our web based File Manager or FTP.

  • SSD Disk Space as standard -  All Minecraft servers installed on Solid State storage disks for maximum performance.
  • McMyAdmin Enterprise and TCAdmin Control Panels included - Manage and control your server with ease. McMA is an easy to use configuration and admin panel. TCAdmin gives you access to server files via your web browser or FTP.
  • Unlimited Slots, Plugins and World Size -  We set no limits beyond the RAM you purchase and the Fair Use storage allowances.
  • Free Extras - Free 10 Slot Mumble Server or 25 % Discount on TS3/Mumble. MySQL database and Subdomain, all available on request.

  • Enterprise Grade Hardware -  As standard. Just one reason why our services have great uptime.
  • Quad-Core Intel Xeon/i7 processors  - Running at 3.4+ GHz. High clock speeds are a must for a busy Minecraft server. 
  • 1GBps link onto a 500+ GBps network -  Provides plenty of bandwith for even busy Minecraft servers with extra capacity for traffic spikes (including DoS attacks)
  • SSD's in RAID 1 - Hardware redundancy in case of drive failure and increased performance.