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Total Control Panel

In-Browser Mod Files & Hive Database Access

Auto Hive Database Backup & "2-Click" Restore (Rollback)

Schedule Server Restarts & In-Game Messages

Switchable & Custom Commandlines


No Restrictions

Freedom to install any script or mod you want

Built-in Server PBO Packer/Unpacker Tool

No need to download/unpack/upload your server PBO. Edit SQF in your browser.

"2-Click" install of our XsG Epoch Cherno Script Pack


Ivy Bridge 3.5+ GHz Intel Processors

A must for busy servers running multiple scripts

European and US datacentres

DDoS mitigation at all locations

Active DDoS protection at US and France DC's


Dedicated & Experienced Support

We've been hosting DayZ Mods since August 2012

Extensive Knowledgebase and Active Forums

Dozens of relevant KB articles and an active forum community

Freebies & Extras

Free 10 Slot Mumble

25% off TeamSpeak 3 Hosting

Free Battleye Extended Controls hosting

Great for running scheduled messages

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:::OverPoch pack now available:::

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Slot Count Price(per Month)
30 £30 £24
40 £40 £32
50 £50 £40

20% off for 3 months in our Summer Promotion!

Use Code: DAYZ20 when ordering