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Counter Strike Global Offensive Server Hosting

CS GO Hosting (Rental)

  • Steam Workshop Maps Ready - Host custom maps and map collections with ease. No download, uploading and tweaking configs. Just enter your Auth key and map/collection id's into our Panel and play. Easy server hosting!
  • "One-Click" Mod Installs  - Install Metamod and SourceMod with a few clicks.
  • gameME Ready - gameME SourceMod plugin available for one-click install. Subscription to gameME required.

  • Free SourceTV Slot - Record game play and share it with the world.
  • 128 Tickrate and High priority process available - Great for Match Servers or for when you just have to have that extra performance.
  • Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 Ivy Bridge @ 3.6GHz Turbo - All CS GO servers run on super-fast, powerful, turbo'd E3-1230v2's for excellent performance. In our opinion these processors are amongst the best for CS GO Hosting.

  • Full File access via FTP or our web based Game Control Panel - Customize and reconfigure your server the way you want it. Install any mod, edit any config file and much more.
  • Customizable Commandlines - Change you game start map and map group to whatever you want.
  • Restart Scheduler Tools - Change game mode (commandline) at a certain time of day, reboot your server when it's empty and more
  • TCAdmin Control Panel - Industry leading, easy-to-use web based Game Control Panel. Perfect for CS GO hosting.
  • One-Click Steam Updates - Update your CS GO server at any time. No need to wait for support to release a patch.

  • Instant FREE Setup - Your CS GO server is setup automatically within 1hr when payment is received. No setup fees.
  • No subscription - No minimum term - No cancellation fees - If you don't want CS GO hosting any more, simply don't pay the next invoice.


Quarterly(5%), Semi-Annual(10%) and Annual(15%) discounts available

Order CS GO Server Hosting

128 Tickrate
£0.85 per slot
High Priority Process
25% off

  • US and UK Datacentres - Maidenhead(nr London - UK) or Phoenix, AZ (US) locations with direct connections to multiple Tier 1 providers. Offers great connectivity for CS GO Hosting throughout Europe and North America. Premium bandwidth for gaming
  • Smooth, Low latency Gaming - All machines have Gigabit links directly onto a 10 Gig network backbone.
  • Server Activity Stats - Track your server's player numbers through our Panel.
  • tool - Add your server to's lists with a few simple clicks.

Tier 1 Multiple Gigabit Connectivity Superior Network Infrastructure
All our services are hosted on machines with an uncapped 100Mbps link on to a multiple 10Gig network.
Intel Xeon Powered High Specification Hardware High Performance Hardware
All our services are hosted on enterprise level hardware for ultimate performance, stability and uptime.
Great Customer Service Deidcated and Experienced Customer Support
We aim to answer tickets within 2 hrs and fix all issues within 24hrs during support hours.