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DayZ Epoch - New Server and Basic setup guide

Initial Setup of Epoch package

By default, Epoch Chernarus is already installed on the server. To install other maps and mods, see the Mod Manager.

To access the Mod Manager, log in to the Game Control Panel and select your DayZ Server.
You should now see a variety of Icons, with the server status and start/stop controls towards the top.

Click on the Mod Manager link. You should now see a list of available Mods/Tools and DayZ updates.

Simply click the install link to the right of the Mod/Update/Tool you want to install and wait....
Installations can sometimes take a little while, espically if it is a new Update.
Please wait until it is completed, even if the progress bar appears to stall.

To uninstall (only available on some mods/Updates), simply click the uninstall link next to the Mod.

Basic Configuration of Epoch

You must STOP the server before editing configuration files

The main configuration file for Epoch can be found in the Configuration Files section. 
It is labelled "Epoch *Map* Configuration File".
To make changes, click on the "[Text Editor]" link.
1) hostname contains the server name. You can edit the name here but; 
a) You must have    hosted by XstreamGaming     in the name, except if you have purchased de-branding.
2)Message of the Day; This sets the welcome messages displayed to users when they log on to your server. 
All customers can edit this as they like. 
Be sure to enclose all messages in "quotation marks" and end each "quote" with a "comma", 
3)motdinterval; This is the delay in seconds for each "quote" to be displayed to the user. 
You can also increase the delay between messages in the motd by adding "", 
This will add a delay equal to the motd interval (eg. 5 secs).

          4)Server password - This is the password for the server (it is not the Rcon or admin password)
          5)RCon password - This must also be set in the "Day Epoch - Battleye config file"
Remember to Save the changes you've made. 
The changes will not appear immediatley and will take some time to appear in server 
browsers and in the Control Panel. 
In the case of server browsers, it can take a few hours. 
Be sure to do a full refresh of your server list if you are looking for your server.

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