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Total Control Panel

In-Browser Mod Files & Hive Database Access

Auto Hive Database Backup & "2-Click" Restore (Rollback)

Schedule Server Restarts & In-Game Messages

Switchable & Custom Commandlines


No Restrictions

Freedom to install any script or mod you want

Built-in Server PBO Packer/Unpacker Tool

No need to download/unpack/upload your server PBO. Edit SQF in your browser.

"2-Click" install of our XsG Epoch Cherno Script Pack


Ivy Bridge 3.5+ GHz Intel Processors

A must for busy servers running multiple scripts

European and US datacentres

DDoS mitigation at all locations

Active DDoS protection at US and France DC's


Multiple Support Levels

Choose the level of assistance you require

Dedicated & Experienced Support

We've been hosting DayZ Mods since August 2012

Freebies & Extras

Free 10 Slot Mumble

25% off TeamSpeak 3 Hosting

Free Battleye Extended Controls hosting

Great for running scheduled messages


Slot Count Price(per Month)
30 £30
40 £40
50 £50

Additional Assistance: £5/month